(CLOSED) Limited Time Only

At tax time we vowed not to have as much stock at the end of the year as last year. Well, the end approaches and we’ve got way too many books which will count against us in our yearly reckoning with Uncle Sam. Hence the hardcover blowout. There are only a few copies of each title and some may have a bit of shelf wear.



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Shipping is $2 per book and will be added in the cart. You can order multiple copies by returning to this page and entering a new title.

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CPR for Dummies



Dr. Identity

Meat Puppet Cabaret

Pseudo City

Technologized Desire SOLD OUT

Gardens of Earthly Delight

Worse Than Myself SOLD OUT

Discouraging at Best SOLD OUT

Eyes Everywhere

Fugue XXIX

100 Jolts SOLD OUT

Vacation SOLD OUT


Conrad in Beverly Hills

Everybody Scream! SOLD OUT

Last Burn in Hell