The pre-order price for the Isabel Burning Limited Edition will expire on Wednesday, October 23rd so there are just two more days to get a $20 discount on the book. After that the price will be $95. Order here.

The books look great! They turned out even better than I expected and it’s so cool to see all the variations in the hand painted covers. The extra letters printed in the back of the book have lots of clues about the future of the series and there are even a couple “forgotten letters” stuffed between the pages themselves.

I spent most of the weekend packing and shipping the pre-orders. This is the first time I’ve used the USPS Click & Ship site and it’s way cool! I love how it can send your customer an email to let them know the package is being shipped. It’s great for packages that require insurance, especially since there have been a lot of job cuts at our local post office. Any trip there now takes 3 times as long as it used to. I was thinking that maybe we could even get rid of our postage meter but as far as I can tell you can’t do media mail with Click & Ship and we send a lot of things media mail.