ZombieMall review excerpt:
“This book is a nice quick read, some of the stories being less than 3 pages in length. Little bites, if you will, of horrific visions and gnashing teeth, this book has something for everyone who is a fan of raw horror.”

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I think Hardin’s comments about the story “Flapjack” are particularly incisive. It’s one of those stories that people either love or hate. But that’s why we publish things that not everybody will love. It’s risky but there’s so much more satisfaction when a discerning reader really appreciates the quality of the piece.

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  1. Anonymous


    I’ll tell ya, Flapjack was really one of my favorites in this book. I’d love to see more short stories from Shipp, but Flapjack was truely unique. Honestly, it’s something that would have been assigned to us in literature class to dissect and learn from. It’s just a damn good piece of prose.

    Stay Scary!

    -Brian Hardin II

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