I’ve just seen Jeremy Shipp’s short film Egg and I was thoroughly impressed. The movie is now available exclusively from our site either bundled with Shipp’s collection or you order it by itself. If you like weird films of any kind this one is not to be missed!

Here’s a recent review from IndieFilmChat:

Egg is a surrealistic short film that reminded me of some of the films of Takahiko Iimura, or the early works of David Lynch. Like a typical Lynch film, Egg has a dream logic all its own-identities are switched; a person can be in a room with an older version of himself; nightmarish images can flash across the screen. Like a dream, Egg is a collection of images, a fractured puzzle that is left to the viewer to decipher.

Read the full review.

You can also check out the trailer ‘EGG’ trailer

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