Though it’s a bit behind schedule the Health Agent limited editions are on their way to us from Jeff and I’ll soon be able to fill all the orders. Jeff even added an extra special detail for these. From his blog:

“Well, a few days ago I opened up the first box of these suckers — 46 initial copies — and autographed them before sending them along to their destinations. And into each book I slipped a HEALTH AGENT business card (for more on this novelty, see the [below]-referenced interview) with a handwritten message from the novel’s villain Toll Loveland, no two messages alike, on the back of each card. But it was a mind-boggling sight to spread all these books out on the floor so that I could take a few pictures of them — rows of these faces, beautiul and ghastly at the same time, rendered in delicate, translucent colors. Some have darker eye shadow or lips, some are merely pale while others have a scarier smudged complexion, while some have a darker background than others. Quite a thing to behold. It still amazes me that the artist would be up to such an undertaking — it makes this artist feel tired (and lazy) just thinking about it!”

Here’s where you can more of Jeff’s blog:

There is also a great interview with him here:

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