Sheep and Wolves has made it on to the preliminary ballot for the Stokers. We’ve got some great compnay, the Collection category is really competitive this year but I’d love to see it on the final ballot.

Superior Achievement in a Collection

The Number 121 to Pennsylvania by Kealan Patrick Burke (Cemetery Dance Publications)
Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales by Fran Friel (Apex Publications)
Just After Sunset by Stephen King (Scribner)
Little Creatures by Michael McCarty (Sam’s Dot Publishing)
Other Gods by Stephen Mark Rainey (Dark Regions Press)
The Autopsy and Other Tales by Michael Shea (Centipede)
Sheep and Wolves by Jeremy C. Shipp (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
Fourtold by Michael Stone (Baysgarth Publications)
Gleefully Macabre Tales by Jeff Strand (Delirium)
Ennui and Other States of Madness by David Niall Wilson (Dark Regions Press)


  1. And congrats to you! When I mentioned “good company” I was thinking of Mama’s Boy but I thought it was better not to name names 😉

  2. Thank you, John. That really means a lot to me, particularly considering the rest of the good company (including Jeremy!–I love that guy, and his mad and beautiful work).

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