‘Party Girl’, a story from Dustin LaValley’s collection, Lowlife Underdogs, will be made into a short film this summer. The film is directed by Jayson Densman and filming will begin in July. Here’s a teaser:


  1. Candace Porter is the star and Tom Young is also in it. RDSP author John Edward Lawson will be a victim and I’m guessing LaValley will be too since he’ll be at the shoot.

  2. Actors

    At one point, we were in contractual negotiations with Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw, Eaten Alive, Helter Skelter, Future Kill), but that fell thru for reasonable reasons. So we went local and are very happy Candace is on board. I’ve worked with her before on a shoot at Dallas Love Field Airport. Great actress. She’s the kind that can turn it on like a damn lightswitch, the intensity. Makes my job easier! Tom Young is an established actor here in the DFW area. He’s does the voiceover in the intro, as well as the rest of the movie. Evil John Mays is again doing the FX (he did the cool stuff in Jeremy C. Shipp’s EGG), but this time, he’s getting fucking bloody. Make no mistake, this is a splatter film, but one with a mission.

    X1P/Tapestry Filmscapes

  3. Anonymous

    Party Girl

    Who the hell is Candace Porter. Is she any good?

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