The Front Porch is a cool online literary journal. I recommend checking out the newest issue, #11, and I’m not just saying that because they reviewed two of our books in the current issue.

Here’s what they said about Welcome to Oakland:
“…the novel’s greatest strength comes from the fact that no matter how low these men find themselves they can still create beauty out of their world. Whether it’s the Australian watchman of the Oakland dump who spends his spare time sculpting cities of garbage, or a parade of garbage scows carrying a wedding party, or a toothless trumpet player belting notes into the night, or a young T-Bird elevating revenge into an art form, Welcome to Oakland shows us the beauty people make out of the mundane moments and objects found around them.”—Marc Watkins

Here’s what they said about Unintended Consequences:
“In terms of craft, the sixty-five short-short stories in Unintended Consequences are superb examples of narrative compression, of finding decisive moments in fiction to develop characters in the least amount of space. Populated with gun-wielding bar mates, murderers, prostitutes, thugs, and homeless, these stories constitute an unflagging gaze at LA poverty and seediness. A street-wise tone, coupled with pleasantly jarring, borderline-surreal plot twists give Fondation’s narratives a pulpy feel, while his plain style makes him imminently readable.”—Josh Collins

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