One of our books is going to be reviewed in The Washington Post! If you go to the Book World section at the bottom of the page they list the upcoming reviews:

Coming to Style: July 20 – July 25

* Monday: “Jericho’s Fall,” by Stephen L. Carter
* Tuesday: “How I Became Famous Novelist,” by Steve Hely
* Wednesday: “Glover’s Mistake,” by Nick Laird
* Thursday: “The Ends of Life,” by Keith Thomas
* Friday: “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder,” by Rebecca Wells
* Saturday: “Welcome to Oakland,” by Eric Miles Williamson | (See the Style section on Sat.)

This is so HUGE for us because, basically, The Washington Post is our hometown paper. From the beginning it’s been an uphill battle to get the establishment to take us seriously. We’ve tried for years to get our books reviewed in the post.

Of course, all the credit goes to Eric Miles Williamson for writing a book that just can’t be ignored! I’m crossing my fingers for a good review but I realize they might skewer it.

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