ReGen Magazine recently ran some reviews for the books written by Ego Likeness members Donna Lynch & Steven Archer.

Luna Maris

"For anyone who is tired of the same cookie-cutter children’s stories and wants a unique and fun tale to share with your young ones, Luna Maris is the book for you. Archer’s debut book will entertain, educate, and entice – a winning combination in this field."

Red King Black Rook
"This is not your Aesop fable. This is not a feel-good story. This is Steven Archer in a dark, dark place, and when reading Red King Black Rook, you’re there with him."

Isabel Burning

"Isabel Burning is more than just scary. It’s morbid and grotesque. It’s deeply disturbing and intensely mortifying. And you’ll love every minute of it."

—Zak Vaudo

Read all three reviews


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