Snowed Gift Pack

Maria Alexander‘s novel Snowed is perfect reading for this holiday season. The book begins a few weeks before Christmas and the exciting climax comes on Christmas Eve. We think this book makes the perfect gift for any YA or thriller readers on your list. But we’re not the only ones, many reviewers and book bloggers have said the same thing:

“This one is a bit different, but no less excellent. BOLO Books will have a more in-depth review of this unique holiday read at a later date, but for now, add this YA novel to your shopping list – one for yourself and several for gifts.”—BOLO Books
We figured they were on to something so we’re offering a Snowed gift pack: 3 paperback copies for $30! Buy one for yourself and give 2 to friends. That’s only $10 each which will keep you under the limit for most gift swaps and you’ll be saving $15.

3 Paperback Copies for $30

“Alexander’s words transported me to the holiday season with little effort….The setting becomes a character in itself regarding both the winter weather and the mindset of the people around the main character, Charity Jones.”—J.L. Gribble, The Steel Empires series

Maybe you don’t have 2 friends that have been nice enough to deserve this book but at the very least put it on your own wish list. Amazon makes it easy with their Universal Wish List.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas try Alexander’s Bram Stoker award-winning novel Mr. Wicker for the Horror reader on your list.

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