Doing the American Library Association Conference was a real eye-opener!

This picture doesn’t really do justice to the scale of the exhibitor’s room, this is probably just one-fifth of the room. In the past we’ve done fan/genre conventions and regional/general public events but ALA was something different altogether. Where else could you meet a literary film scout looking for books to turn into movies and someone from an audiobook company searching for titles to record, plus lots of librarians who want to order your books?

I was surprised (though I really shouldn’t have been) that lots of people said they search us out just because of our name and tiny bio in the program. People just HAD to find out what Raw Dog Screaming Press was about. We got plenty of compliments on our name, covers and mission. Many people think that librarians are a conservative bunch but I didn’t get that feeling at all. Of course, we always get a few disgusted looks but on the whole the reception at ALA was very positive.

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