CPR FOR DUMMIES is available as an ebook for the first time. On sale for $2.99 at Amazon.

The world is creeping towards destruction—no, not theoretically—it’s really happening. In these last hours will humanity come together to correct their collective wrongs? Or will there be rampant beatings and kinky sex?

A group of strangers are brought together by synchronicity to answer the age-old question: you lookin’ at me, punk? The answer entails the comeuppance of the rich, police brutality, aerobic instruction by the Messiah, sexual slavery, and mutating genes.

(Is this sounding good? I hope so. It’s not easy writing these. I’m just a corporate monkey trying to snag your hard-earned dollars but don’t let that get in the way of buying this book. Did I mention SEX yet?)

Author Mickey Z’s experimental tour-de-force is a funny, challenging deconstruction of the concept of the “novel” as well as life in the United States of America.