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Josephine Stepwell Harvell is certainly not lucky in love; from Buddy
Washer, the Arizona mistake, who got her pregnant and then got arrested
trying to smuggle weed in the belly of a Santa Claus suit, to O.W., a
truck driving brawler who pawns everything including her sewing machine
to cover bets, Josephine knows that love isn’t easy. Go Love’s
muddy relationships finally twist together amidst the weirdness of a
southern funeral in Lonoke, Arkansas, a place where housewives string
cottonmouth water moccasins from tree limbs to tease out rain, or to
make a man impotent for cheating. Anything at all’s possible in such a
place. Just as the African women shout out during the funeral, go love
is the command the novel’s inhabitants must finally live by, even when
life offers up a truckload of reasons to do the contrary. Even if it
kills us—go love.

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