Architectures of Possibility has been getting a lot of press recently. Here are links to the most recent reviews and interviews.

HTMLGIANT interview

Excerpt: "…for me, innovative writing represents a possibility space where everything can and should be attempted, challenged, thought, where every architecture should be explored.  In other words, we’re talking about the ideology of form here.… One of the jobs of the innovative is unceasingly to challenge the dominant cultures’ narrativization of “reality,” to remind us that there are always other ways to construct the text of our texts, the texts of our lives, always the possibility of effecting change in both."

Continent interview

Excerpt: "I just came across a stunning set of sentences from Derrida on the topic: “What is education? The death of the parents.” That’s what we’re all up to in the innovative, be it in written texts or the texts we call our classrooms or the texts we call our politics: trying to disrupt what both can and can’t be disrupted, trying to undo what both can and can’t be undone, continuously."

Quarterly West review

Excerpt: "This is a book that any writer could have on her shelves and pick up again and again. Architectures of Possibility doesn’t ask writers to work towards some impossibly ideal text, but to resist, question, fail, re-build, proceed, and return."

By the Book Reviews

Excerpt: "I am…crowning Lance Olsen’s book as the single best advisory to writers I have ever encountered. This is an absolutely masterful text."

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