In front: Jason Jack Miller, Heidi Ruby Miler, Matt & Deena Warner and their son, Jennifer Barnes, Damian Walters Grintalis, K. Ceres Wright, Deanna Lepsch, Stephanie Wytovich, Leland Pitts-Gonzalez, Stewie Pattee

In the back: Mike Mehalek, John Edward Lawson, Steven Archer, Donna Lynch, K. Ceres Wright, Chris Stout, Deanna Lepsch, Nathan Rosen, Stephanie Wytovich, Leland Pitts-Gonzalez, Stewie Pattee

Wow, was that blur DogCon? I think it must have been. What an awesome time! The thing I've always enjoyed most about cons is talking with people that energize me and DogCon weekend was full of that. Yet it did not contain any hours standing around in an empty dealer's room or any panels with guests who only want to talk about their own projects. It was all the juiciest bits of a convention crammed into several hours and it was so delicious!

We celebrated RDSP author Leland Pitts-Gonzalez's birthday.

The virtual readings given by Michael Arnzen and D. Harlan Wilson were side-splittingly funny and over the top:

We had a Google Hangout (video chat) during the party worked well and allowed us to talk with some folks who couldn't travel to DogCon. There was also a raucous game of Cards Against Humanity:

Stephanie Wytovich, Deanna Lepsch, Steven Archer, Chris Stout, John Edward Lawson, Deanna Lepsch, Matt Duvall, Nathan Rosen

And even on-site tattooing:

Deanna Lepsch receives a tattoo from Jody Rae Adams

I was really proud and excited to give the 2nd ever State of the Dog speech to a room full of people I respect and like. Announcing our new imprint, Dog Star Books, and introducing Heidi Ruby Miller as its managing editor, was a magical moment I'll never forget.

Video of the State of the Dog speech

That night was so full of possibilities and the feeling that everything is coming together for RDSP with an unstoppable momentum. Next year we celebrate RDSP's 10th anniversary of publishing, "fiction that foams at the mouth." We've laid the groundwork for what will essentially be a relaunch of the press. The future of RDSP is now and the good times are gonna roll!


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