I’ve been spending a lot of time scoping out printer’s websites and getting estimates for both the custom playing cards and for possibly doing Play Dead as an offset title. It’s exciting but at the same time scary because I know it’s going to be a lot of money up front. Just how much still remains to be seen. The killer part is the lag time between when you have to pay the printer and when the books actually start selling.

We’re also trying out the Booksense program. Booksense sends out an email with a short description of your title to independent bookstores and then people at the stores who are interested in your title request a copy. The idea is that if they like it they will suggest stocking it and also recommend it to people who shop there. It seems like a good way to target booksellers interested in our type of books. I’m including a catalog and personal note with each book that goes out. So far we’ve only had a few requests but the email goes out twice a month so it’s relevant for at least 2 weeks.

Raw Dog Bite #39
My mother is the eldest of 3 sisters. My father is the eldest of 3 brothers.

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