5 Things

I can’t remember where John came across this but he read a promotions strategy once that said to do 5 things every day to promote your book. Well, I’ve never really tried it and I’m not sure he has for an extended period of time either. That’s one of the bad things about releasing books through your own press. We always run out of time and it’s invariably John’s projects that get the short end of the stick when that happens. You would think that it would be easiest to promote his books and one of the good things about him being an author and an editor for the press is that any events we do always have at least one of our authors at them. But it’s somehow harder to promote his books than our other authors.

So I’m starting a new initiative. I’m going to try to do something every day to promote one of John’s books. I will aim for 5 things but if I only get one done that will be good enough. I’ve already found that the task can expand because of the other authors. For instance I spent most of my time doing Amazon Lists and wound up adding a lot of our other titles as well.

Yesterday’s 5 Things
1. mailed a review copy of Discouraging at Best
2. added books to all of my Amazon.com lists (this will count as 2 things since I have so many lists)
3. see above
4. started a new ‘Best of Bizarro’ List
5. searched and clicked titles on Amazon