Phew! Things are busy, busy, busy. We finally have the edited manuscript for Everybody Scream!!!!! Jeff sent it while we were away at the Stokers. I’ve been so desperate to get my hands on that file that they’ve been itching. So even though I was still exhausted from the trip I spent last evening working on the formatting. There’s nothing like a few hours of searching and replacing quote marks, tabs, spaces etc. to lull you to sleep. Most of that icky part is done now but I’ve still got to go through and minimize the hyphens, fix the widows and orphans…well I guess only half the icky part is done.

I’ve spent a few hours composing emails today and there’s still more people I need to write to.

One thing I forgot to mention about the Stokers was that I also met Gary Braunbeck for the first time. I was glad to get a chance to thank him for his supportive comments about Jolts. Just now I figured I’d check out his web site ( and DAMN! it is cool. Deena Warner really outdid herself with this one. It also reminded me that Braunbeck and Arnzen are doing a signing at the Barnes & Noble in Greensburg, PA on Thursday, June 24, at 8 p.m. I’m really tempted to try to make it up there but that’s a pretty long drive and gas sure is expensive these days.

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