Got the car back Wednesday and have been trying to catch up on all those things you need to have a car to do.

I can’t believe the Stokers are next weekend! We better get our bus tickets soon. I hope the trip will be worth it even though we’ll only be staying one night.

I’ve been feeling a lot of deadline pressure with Everybody Scream! due out soon and then The Fall of Never. It feels like I’m falling behind but there’s nothing specific I can work on now as both are currently being worked on by other people. There’s this whole special edition thing we planned out for Everybody Scream! but don’t feel I have a good handle on the timing of that. The special edition is just so cool that I really wanted to do it. Still it seems risky to start promoting it without the final mss. I imagine the best chance to sell special editions is before the other versions come out. The idea is such a good one but I’m afraid we might have bitten off more than we can chew. trying to do special editions on top of everything else.

current mood: anxious

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