I have been working on catching our ebook releases up through Amazon and Fictionwise. Doing the ones through Amazon is pretty easy. I believe Pseudo-City should be up now and I just submitted Westermead but Fictionwise requires a lot more formatting so I’ve only been able to do Meat Puppet Cabaret because it’s laid out in InDesign which is much easier to work with. All our older titles are in Quark 4.

I’ve also been working on the 1099 tax forms we have to send out to anyone who got royalties in 2006. I’m very proud of myself for starting on them so far in advance so that it won’t be down to the wire to get them out.

These are just two of the myriad boring tasks I’ve been working on. The year is coming to a close and I’m freaking out a tiny bit about all the things that still need to be done. Next year I think we should put a moratorium on releases between November and the end of the year so that we can actually enjoy the holidays.


  1. Do you know anyone who deals in chapbook-length eBooks? We have several old chapbook titles that we’d love to get out there electronically (as they are no longer in print proper).

  2. eChapbooks

    Actually Fictionwise will even do short stories so I’m sure they’d accept a chapbook. I think you have to have 10 titles to set up an account with them but the titles can be scheduled they don’t have to be completed already. It costs $15 but they take that out of your earnings so if you don’t make $15 on a title you don’t lose any money. They have a pretty big audience so some titles can get pretty decent sales.

    Also there’s a place you can list your ebooks if you have them for sale on your own site, http://www.ebookpalace.com. We haven’t used them ourselves but someone else listed a free ebook of John’s and it’s had a lot of downloads. Hope this helps.

    BTW congrats on starting up Burning Effigy! I hope 2007 brings you great things.

  3. Re: eChapbooks

    BE’s actually been around since 1999, but in the last couple years I feel like it has lost its vision, so we’re doing a proper relaunch now with an updated focus. We have about 20 or so chapbooks in our back catalogue that won’t be reprinted but I’m sure the authors would love to continue to see their works out there and getting read so I am exploring some eBook options. Thanks for the rundown!

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