Recently John and I have both taken on freelance editing. I’m hoping this money will help improve the RDSP cashflow. It’s crazy how performing a service gets you so much more money than selling a product. When you’re selling books you might get a big check but once you subtract what it cost to make the book and the royalties…well, it’s not much to write home about.

I’ve re-discovered how much I enjoy diving into sentences and making them click. With RDSP,even when I’m editing I’m thinking about how to promote the work, worrying about whether it will sell, etc. Also, the book has to be in pretty good shape already or we simply can’t take it on. We just don’t have time to do major editing.

But I do like working with new authors the way I used to do with John’s work. I really saw his writing improve from my comments, though I always felt bad criticizing. Someday I think I might like to run an intense writing workshop. I’ve considered doing it in conjunction with HorrorFind. I wonder how hard those are to organize and whether people would be interested in attending.