I think I’ve finished doing all the books we’re going to do for the Search Inside program at Amazon. I noticed that when the search inside feature goes live it seems to drive up the Amazon ranking even if there aren’t any sales.

It appears to be helping the sales as well. Lots of our backlist titles seem to be picking up. They’re not selling a lot of copies but if you have 10-15 titles sell a handful of copies in a month it certainly adds up.


  1. Glad you like it. Some people have been wary about he copyright issues but I think the protection is pretty decent, people can only check out a few pages inside the book. But I like this feature because then the customer can really see what they are getting, the front, back, inside flaps, everything. It makes Amazon a bit closer to browsing the shelves in a local bookstore.

  2. It also makes the publisher appear more established. When searching through small presses, I find it’s always impressive when you’re able to “Search Inside” their books!

  3. Great news. It’s always nice to get positive feedback right away, especially when a project involved so much work.

  4. Yeah, I was a little skeptical about whether it would have any impact but John was convinced it would help. As usual, he was right! Although it’s always hard to gauge exactly how much of an impact something like that has on sales. Most of the time publishing is just one big guessing game!

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