I’ve been thinking that we’ve outgrown our financial software for some time now. It’s unwieldy and there a lot of things you can’t do or un-do with it. So I’ve been researching other options and am pretty excited by one that is a web-based service. I love web-based applications because you can use them anywhere as long as you have web access which would be great for me. However, it doesn’t have a payables component which means I would have to use another accounting program to keep track of any checks or payments we made. The financial aspect of the business is definitely the most difficult and tedious part. I’m anything but a financial genius and numbers make my head spin. Give me letters!

In other, not so good news we are setting up our first full-color title and have hit a snag. I should have known to allow for extra time regarding production on this one. It’s definitely going to cost us and I’m still not sure we’ll make the deadline.

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