We’re back! Bermuda was great, cruising is cool but I’ll never be a pirate. There’s lots to catch up on here. For instance a cool review came in for Blankety Blank while we were gone.

This is the first review to reference the Ultimate Warrior. I hope it’s not the last!

The book reads like Dali attampting an exercise in a Zen sort of living-in-the-moment with an ADHD Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Susurrus Magazine, read the full review

I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to upload some pics of Bermuda later or not but it sure was beautiful.


  1. Awesome! Did you get some fish chowder while you were there? Try the sherry pepper sauce? Have a dark and stormy? 🙂

  2. I really didn’t want to leave Bermuda. It’s unbelievable just how blue the water is there.

  3. Hehe.

    How’d you like the unfinished church at GeorgeTown? It’s an important part of book 2 I started of my story.

  4. It’s pretty bizarre what I am doing with it. I hate when stories really loose steam on the second part (Second Matrix Movie), so I wanted to really expound on the story in a similar way to Asimov in the Foundation series. Not that it is that far ahead from the old story, more like a few years maybe, but the tone of life has really changed, and the problems humanity are facing a different set that kind of grew out of the old.

    Of course, I need to MAKE time to finish these books!!!!!

  5. Did you swim in that pool like thing is saint george. I *think* it was called tobacco bay. I couldn’t believe the beautiful fish that were in there.

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