D. Harlan Wilson responds to accusations of rampant randomness in his writing:

“I stylize much of my writing in a fractal, schizophrenic way. I do this partly to reflect the mental, social, ideological, metaphysical, ontological and phenomenological texture of the science fictionalized human condition. But I also do it because conventional writing formulas bore me. I’m not interested in producing nicely packaged plots with clear beginnings, middles and ends. I don’t like seamlessly round characters. I’m an experimentalist and I try to push the limits of my imagination with each new writing project.

“This isn’t to say that I don’t like to tell stories. Far from it. Additionally, going back to your last question, I think the randomness of my writing approaches truthfulness more than traditional narratives, at least in terms of how the mind works. We don’t think in straight lines, after all. We think all over the place.”

Read the full review and interview at decomP.

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