Booklist reviewed Isabel Burning!

Lynch’s alternate/indie-rock music career serves her well in this lyrical first novel about some unsettling supernatural secrets that might be better left concealed. Isabel is a solitary young woman who burns with inner fires of intuition that guide her during life-altering decisions. One such fire urges her to accept a housekeeping position at a sprawling estate owned by the reclusive Dr. Grace. Since neither has a wealth of family or friends, a bond quickly forms between the two that blossoms into an intimate relationship and the inevitable discovery of each other’s darker nature. When Dr. Grace reveals his involvement in macabre African experiments focused on harnessing the soul’s energies, Isabel’s intuitive flame burns brighter than ever, warning her to flee his influence. Yet, once Isabel agrees to a bizarre experiment involving soul transfer, Dr. Grace’s spell becomes overpowering, and his hidden knowledge even more gruesome. An imaginative blend of dreams, fertility rites, and arcane magic gives Lynch’s story a deliciously gothic flavor that readers with a taste for more highbrow horror will find irresistible.–Carl Hays, Booklist

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