Did some correspondence with authors and sent out some postcards about our books and other promo materials this weekend.

One thing we’ve been working on is getting blurbs for A Dirge for the Temporal. I don’t know what it is but it’s like pulling teeth for me to ask strangers for the favor of a blurb. I keep telling myself it doesn’t hurt to ask and if you don’t ask you won’t get anything. But still it drains me to work up to the proposal and then when I get the usual answer that the person is too busy I can’t help feeling a bit rejected.

It’s weird that I can spend hours working on everything from editing and layout to putting together packages and trimming bookmarks but when it comes to asking for a favor, which only takes a couple minutes, I’m useless. Well, it’s always good to know your limitations and luckily Speegle, Arnzen and Jaffe have all been great about asking people for blurbs. John got all the blurbs for Sick so I think in the future this is a task that will have to be delegated to someone other than me!

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