ABR reviews Dr. Identity

The current issue of American Book Review has a fantastic review of Dr. Identity. Here’s a quote:

This book’s better’n the bushelfull of Benzedrine-spiked donut holes with which Dr. Identity tries to bribe his students into civilized demeanor! Pomo cybertheory never tasted so good or made you fly this high! Buy this book before the BEM’s attack!

It’s always cool to be reviewed in American Book Review because the reviews are done by other authors so it’s really a great peer validation for the author. I’m especially pleased with this review because the author really seems to have understood all the theories and academic references D. Harlan was working with (I certainly can’t say that I did). But also recognizes just how “fun” the book is to read. This is my double-vision for RDSP; books that are entertaining and have some sort of literary/thoughtful value. This is not a popular goal, however, so most of the time I suspect the “double-vision” is merely the result of beating my head against the wall of our “vidiot” culture.