Wow, I’m really glad to see so many authors getting involved in promoting Sick. Between J.M. Heluk, Scott Carr, James Chambers, Kevin Donihe, A.D. Dawson, Ron Malfi, Efrem Emerson and Brutal Dreamer the word is really getting out there. Every time I turn around someone’s doing something else, giving out flyers, posting on message boards, adding Sick to their sites, getting stores to stock the book, sending reviewer leads and other contacts etc.

Of course sometimes I think if I could only motivate everyone involved in the book it would be a blockbuster. But there does seem to be a certain amount of excitement building and I’ll keep trying to think of more ways to get everyone involved. it’s kind of overwhelming just keeping up with what people are doing now. I’d hoped that the effort we put into the book would really show through so people would be proud to be part of the project and I think that has happened.

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