I picked John up from the subway station about 9:30 last night. He was exhausted but full of WHC stories, too many to tell in one night. And, like most of the people at the con, he now has his own Harlan Ellison story.

I was disappointed to hear that he didn’t do his story for the gross-out contest because I thought it was pretty good (and funny). Too bad he also didn’t make it to the poetry jam. It’s one thing to be an author at these cons and another to be a publisher but to be an author and a publisher is just insane! There were some pictures which I’ll work on getting up as soon as I can. The fall-out from a con is pretty brutal though between unpacking and trying to calculate books sold, given away etc. All the work that goes into a one weekend trip, prep and clean-up, makes these things at least a 3 week endeavor.

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