BOOKS-antitwitterTimed discount for Anti-Twitter ebook

We’re currently running a deal on the Kindle edition of Anti-Twitter: 150 50-Word Stories by Harold Jaffe. It’s just .99 cents today, if you miss it the price will go up but it will still be discounted until Friday: download here.

About Anti-Twitter

These 50-word stories are based on “found” texts from mainstream news sources and other public sites. Jaffe sculpts them to reveal their inner core, all niceties stripped away. Now the true motives, fears and sins of our age are on display for all who care to see.

Amidst an internet-driven content boom, meaning has virtually disappeared. Anti-Twitter’s extreme brevity demonstrates by example that brief need not = dumbed-down. Though the stories describe a wide arc: high and pop culture, intimate and public, sordid and exalted, all subjects are equally laid bare by Jaffe’s incisive stratagems.

Sample Story


He remembered his name, nothing more.
After undergoing eye surgery as an adolescent he lost the
ability to form memories.
For the next 58 years, each time he met a friend, each time
he ate a meal, each time he walked the streets,
It was the fi rst time.