I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of people’s lists of things they’ve done so here’s my list:

Some Things I’ve Done that People on my LJ Probably Haven’t

+ Performed live in a planetarium with the stars swirling (the acoustics in a dome are crazy!)

+ Reported several dozen rolls stolen and described them to the police

+ Hired a belly dancer for my high school history teacher’s birthday and took pics of the performance

+ Co-wrote a story about Dave Mustaine from Megadeth and gave it to him at a signing

+ Lost 100 pounds and kept it off for 5 years

+ Worked for the now defunct Fifth Colvmn Records home of Chemlab and Acumen

+ Was stuck in a D.C. metro station after the Pentagon was hit on 9/11, saw a suspicious package, then got the dickens scared out of me when a transformer on a departing train blew, sounding like a big explosion

+ Married someone a foot and 4 inches taller than me

+ Made Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister sick…well gave him a copy of the book anyway

+ Am pictured on the cover of a Washington D.C. Metrobus timetable

+ Been a haunted house for Halloween, not been IN one but actually dressed up as one. (I was also a box of cat food one year. Hey! I liked boxes, OK?!)

+ Saw Al Franken play Jeopary! live

+ Had two grandmothers named Lucille, both on the same side of the family, both eventually died of cancer and both had daughters named Jeanne/Jean (one is my mother)

+ Saw the rare Quetzal bird in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica


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