We’re back from HorrorFind and starting to catch up on things. It was a really good time and there will be pictures soon. Things were pretty laid back, especially since we had lots of help from ego_likeness. Much love! This year’s was the best party we’ve thrown and things were so much less stressful than the past bunch of cons we’ve done. I had fun!

I think we’ve been vending at HorrorFind since 2003 and it’s been interesting to see how things change/evolve from year to year. It seems like every year there are less publishers there which means less authors show up. They haven’t had panels or other author specific programming besides the readings for a few years now. We still did great with the table and got to meet a lot of people but I’ve been wondering if it would be possible to restore the HF lit scene to its former glory. I’ve been considering ways to get involved. Nikki seemd open to the idea of doing panels if she had some good suggestions. We were also considering coming up with some of our own informal programming/get-togethers to coincide with the con. But I’m not sure how that would go over or how to implement it.

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