OK, so I finally got something DONE over the weekend. The Fall of Never interior layout is complete! I’m still working on the cover though.

Also the new issue of The Dream People is now up.

Struggles with the computer continue. I’ve now conquered the PDF problem and re-enslaved the cd writer to do my bidding. Could it be that nearly everything is fixed? Yes but the layout program still quits as soon as it’s launched about half the time. You win some, you lose some.

Got the bookplate design in the mail. It’s cool, hopefully I’ll get a chance to post it but due to…you guessed it…computer problems, I can’t access the file right now.

Z Malice is hard at work on the special editions though they recently had a major catastrophe. Their work shed was and first floor of their house was flooded when a nearby dam burst. Luckily for us our books were at another location but I don’t know how much other work they lost. That’s too terrible and I wish them the speediest recovery possible. Although I haven’t seen it yet myself I’m told there’s a little article on them in the new issue of Rue Morgue. They do fantastic sculpture and their website (http://www.zmalice.com) doesn’t even come close to showing their range of talents.

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