BOOK DEAL: Fever Dreams of a Parasite

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve just signed Pedro Iniguez’s short story
collection Fever Dreams of a Parasite. It will be edited by Stephanie Pearre and is planned to be
released in 2025.

“I’m so excited to be working with Pedro again on his collection. His stories linger with me long
after I put them down,” Stephanie Pearre says.


Pedro weaves haunting tales that traverse worlds both familiar and alien in Fever Dreams of a
Parasite. Paying homage to Lovecraft, Ligotti, and Langan, these cosmic horror, weird fiction,
and folk-inspired stories explore tales of outsiders, killers, and tormented souls as they struggle
to survive the lurking terrors of a cold and cruel universe. With symbolism and metaphor pulled
from Pedro’s Latino roots, he cuts deep into the political undercurrent haunting an America
rarely presented in fiction.


While talking with Pedro it became clear that he is passionate about Latino representation in
horror. “When I was growing up, I didn’t have Latino authors to look up to. Not in school, not at
home. I had Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, Clive Barker, William Shakespeare.
All wonderful voices. None that shared similar life experiences,” said Iniguez.

As he entered the industry he started to see the biases even more clearly, “I often wondered if
people that looked like me, spoke like me weren’t writing horror fiction. But that was far from the truth.
Certain biases exist in the world of publishing; the decisions that go on behind closed doors;
the people making those decisions; the people that get turned down. Things that fly under the radar.
And that frightens me. Because what we see or read has the ability to alter our perception of the
world, and what is a world without Latino voices? It boils down to the erasure of a people. But now
we’re seeing ourselves in horror fiction. Names like Gabino Iglesias, Cynthia Pelayo, V. Castro,
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Carmen Maria Machado, and so many others. And we do it all: Short stories, novels, poems, movies, single-author collections. Like this one. Fever Dreams of a Parasite is my response to the years in the trenches. It is, what I hope will be, a gift to younger writers like myself that didn’t have Latino writers to look up to. Basically, this collection is a gift to my younger self.”


Pedro Iniguez is a horror and science-fiction writer from Los Angeles, California. He is a
Rhysling Award finalist and a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominee.
His fiction and poetry has appeared in Nightmare Magazine, Never Wake: An Anthology of
Dream Horror, Shadows Over Main Street Volume 3, Qualia Nous Vol. 2, A Night of Screams:
Latino Horror Stories, Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, Worlds of Possibility, Infinite

Constellations, Tiny Nightmares, Shortwave Magazine, Star*Line, Eye to the Telescope, Space
and Time Magazine, and Savage Realms Monthly, among others.
Apart from leading writing workshops and speaking at several colleges, he has also been a
sensitivity reader and has ghostwritten for award-winning apps and online clients.