They sent the proof for the Play Dead deck of cards today and it looks wicked! Putting together these Grimoire special editions is quite a feat. You wouldn’t think it would be more complicated than getting a regular book out but somehow it is.

I just read Jeff Thomas’ sample for The Explorer’s Guide to Punktown. It was the restaurant review section. It’s great stuff! I was glad to see Nebo’s Saucer from Everybody Scream! was mentioned.

Has anyone else watched The Ali G Show? It’s horribly hilarious in a painful way. We’ve been watching it on DVD and it’s so funny it actually upsets John’s stomach to watch it. Of course he does have a unique sense of humor. Yo big up on this: John is doing a chat over at today at 3 pm EST. Checks yerself before youse wrecks yerself!


  1. Aiiight.
    OH, and Jagshemash.

    I actually like Borat a little more than Ali G.
    I netflixed “Ali G Indahouse” his movie but it really wasn’t as funny as the shows.

  2. More Borat

    Yeah, Borat is great too. I loved it when he went an acting school and auditioned for a TV show. It’s too bad the movie wasn’t that good. I think we’ve got that in our queue too.

  3. Re: hmmm

    Ahhh, do we love the sexy Conpedro Vytenis, man of the mystery? Because he is dreaming of the sexy you!! Doot-doot-doot!

  4. “Do you think that suicide bombers should recieve the death penalty?”

    That show is damn genius, he’ll pop off shit that just has me rolling. Did you see the wine tasting one where he was showing them pictures of his sister?

  5. Save the Suicide Bombers

    Ha! I haven’t seen the wine tasting yet. Personally I’m against the death penalty for suicide bombers. I earnestly believe they can be rebilitated and become productive members of society.

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