Boston Tea Party

February sales continue to be fairly good so that is heartening. It seems that everything we did to promote 15 Serial Killers way back when may finally be paying off. It’s hard to get used to the lag between promo work and and sales but since recent efforts have been concentrated on Sickcurrent sales must be due to the ads we placed months ago.

The Psych Noir chapbook is quickly coming together and hopefully we will be able to send it off for printing soon.

I have been trying to get motivated to tackle coaxing bookstores into stocking our books. I’ve heard from a friend that worked in an indie book store chain that now is not a very good time to get small stores to take books which is a little disheartening. I did contact one store in CA that carries 15 Serial Killers about stocking Sick.

Work will have to grind to a halt over the weekend since we are going to Boston to attend my cousin’s wedding. I guess a wedding is as good a way to celebrate Valentine’s day as any.

current mood: anxious
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