In case you missed it: I wanted to do a “Recap of 2016” post and I also wanted to do a post about all the books we published in 2016 but, much like the year itself, I’ll have to settle for a mashup and half measures.

The Big Two

Two big things happened for RDSP in 2017:

Both these things happened near the beginning of the year. We were excited and plotting on how to make the most of our opportunities. Unfortunately life had other plans for us. About a month later John’s mother became ill and went into the hospital, soon after she passed away. Suddenly there were a ton of details to manage and none of them had to do with publishing.

Although we did fall behind in our publishing schedule we managed to put out 11 releases, which is a pretty productive year for us. However we were not able to put our all behind every one. So maybe some of these awesome releases went under your radar. Don’t let them get away! Here’s a list of our 2016 titles with very short descriptions:

Starrie (Dog Star Books) by Heidi Ruby Miller
Fast-paced science fiction thriller with a dark side

Underwater Fistfight poetry by Matt Betts
Humorous and imaginative poetry for geeks

The Curiosity Killers (Dog Star Books) by K.W. Taylor
A complex time-travel mystery with steampunk and noir touches

Brothel poetry by Stephanie Wytovich
Unflinching, visceral, whole-hearted verse

Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn
A demonic redemption story

Steel Magic (Dog Star Books) by J.L. Gribble
Continuing the adventures of the bonded warrior-mage pair

Poems of My Night poetry by Cina Pelayo
A lyrical devotion to a beloved poet

City Ash and Desert Bones  (Dog Star Books)
Horror-tinged steampunk in the Wild West

Battle Without Honor or Humanity Vol. 2 by D. Harlan Wilson
Stories that crush your ennui

Snowed by Maria Alexander
A YA holiday tale with heart and chills

A Congregation of Jackals by S. Craig Zahler
Extreme Western revenge that you can’t unsee