I’ve been working hard on a trifold ‘catalog’ of RDSP titles for John to take with him to the AWP conference in March. For whatever reason I really dreaded trying to do a catalog. There’s only about 8 or so titles to include so it only takes up one sheet but it just seemed so infinitely important to do a good job that I think I got intimidated. But once I decided to be cost conscious and go with B&W things seemed to come together. It’s amazing how sharp they covers look even in B&W and I think the overall impression is still of quality even without glossy color. Unfortunately there are still some pieces of info we don’t have for the books being released later on in the year so I can’t quite complete the job yet.

We’re gearing up to do another mailing to reviewers, this time for 100 Jolts. I think reviewers will love writing about the concept and appreciate the quick read so I have high hopes that it will get lots of reviews.

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