I can’t believe World Fantasy (and Halloween!) are right around the corner. I’m looking forward to an early Halloween party this weekend. It’s been a long time since John and I had costumes for Halloween. Plus I’m hoping to bake up a few spooky treats for the party. We’re also supposed to pick up a bunch more Grimoires this weekend in Baltimore.

The Street Pack is coming along nicely. As cakeearthead pointed out he was whelped in the pack. Plus dj_of_l has volunteered to be our Transcendental Solipsist (an essential position in any promo group!). I think John will have some info on how to help out RDSP and how to become a member of the Street Pack up on the web site soon. After that…all hell breaks loose.

There’s a new review of 100 Jolts up on Horror-web. Here’s the link.

I had been meaning to mention that I was reading Mehitobel Wilson’s collection Dangerous Red. Now I’ve finished it and it was excellent! Personally I don’t really like short story collections. There’s usually a few good ones and a bunch of so-so stories to get through but Dangerous Red is full of rebellious characters and unique ideas. For instance there’s one story about what society would be like if everybody had the legal right to kill one person and only one person. Plus Necro Publications has the best layout around so the book is a beauty. It’s even got a black satin page-marker.

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