Tom Bradley was on The Lair of the Yak this weekend and the show is now archived. Check it out here:

I was *really* impressed with Tom’s performance of the 2nd chapter out of Lemur. The voice he did for Spencer (the wannabe serial killer/busboy) was so great. Plus The Lair of the Yak is a pretty good time. I highly recommend it!


  1. Thanks for the kind words about LAIR. Tom Bradley was a great guest. And the episode is even in two parts – for twice the fun!

    ~LLS (Cornelius’s agent)

  2. Please give Cornelius my best. He’s quite the insightful observer of human nature!

  3. Anonymous


    I will pass your comment on to Cornelius for sure, Jennifer. Yes, he understands human nature better than anyone since Ed McMahon!

    Tom Bradley

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