Seems like everything is odds and ends these days. I’ve been putting on the final touches for the April issue of The Dream People. Arnzen even sent some new flash to be included which is cool because I figured we’d just have to link to some samples from 100 Jolts.

Had a few short conversations with John. He says AWP is going well. It sounds like he and D. Harlan Wilson have been rabble rousing quite a bit. A professor showed some interest in teaching Arnzen’s book apparently.

I’ve been trying to prepare for WHC but I feel like I’ll never get everything done. I’ve been working on posters of the book covers for our table display. We’ll definitely be needing more of those trifold catalogs and the bookmarks. I feel like this convention is make or break for RDSP. We’re having to put a lot of funds into copies of the books plus travel between these two conventions. If we don’t get some good things happening with the money it may be time to re-evaluate the viability of the press.

current mood: anxious
current music: Lactating Purple by Helios Creed

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