Things seem to be picking up again. We’ve got two cool upcoming events. One is a chat next Wednesday, the 22nd 5pm Central time at Horror-Web. It’s the GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST chat where they’ve invited a bunch of past participants to return for one big hootenanny. John will be participating as well as Mike Arnzen, Tim Lebbon, James Moore and others. Horror-web chats are always fun so mark this one down on your calendar.

Also Jeffrey Thomas will be doing a signing for Everybody Scream! at the brand new Tatnuck Booksellers in Westborough, Massachusetts Saturday, Jan 29th at 2PM. For more info about this huge, very cool indie book store visit I’d love to be able to go and support Jeff but Mass. is a little too far for a road trip. A lot of you are probably in the same boat but if you know anyone in that area who might be interested please pass the word along.

Perhaps the most exciting news of the day is that we’ve now set up our Merchant account with Amazon. Doing this will mean they order directly from us and keep actual physical copies of the books in their warehouse. Therefore the books will always be listed as shipping in 24 hours, not this ridiculous crap about 9 to 13 days or special orders or what have you. They place their order for copies based on the past sales record, usually it’s between 2 and 5 copies which was the case for most of our titles but for 15 Serial Killers they ordered 14 copies and for Sick 16. One good thing is they never return books, the bad thing is they don’t send money until the books sell. Luckily we have enough copies of all the books except Sick but we will have to shell out some dough to get enough of those.

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