A new online one-stop shop for horror is opening up on Halloween—Horror Mall. Shane Staley from Delerium Books and Larry Roberts fro Bloodletting are teaming up on this one. I’m so relieved to see someone trying to fill the void that opened up when so many online book dealers shut down recently. I really don’t think the scene can survive without something like this. On a side-note, they will be carrying signed copies of A Child’s Guide to Death

Here’s the details from Larry:

On Halloween the HORROR MALL goes live. We will be opening up the bookstore with over 500 titles in stock and ready to ship and more will be added daily.

Shane and I have decided to have a chat session on Monday October 29th from 9 PM to 10PM Eastern Time for all those that have questions and suggestions. Here is the link to the chat room: http://www.horror-mall.com/chat.html I hope you’ll join us. We’ll have some cool giveaways and some great conversation. I hope to see you there.

For all those that want to join the daily blog which will feature daily updates to the site with such things as new arrivals, just announced advance orders, and back in stock items you can join by clicking here. http://eight.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/horror-mall-daily There will also be an option for getting a weekly batched digest which will consist of the entire weeks updates for those that don’t need a daily update but still want to stay on top of all the genre’s new releases.

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