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We’re starting an imprint to do non-fiction titles called Guide Dog Books. My cousin made some cool logos for it and this is one of them. There’s a web site which will be up soon and there’s already a MySpace page. More info soon…

Don’t forget Mike Arnzen is chatting tonight over on The Lost & the Damned message board


  1. If you do any non-fiction horror-related titles be sure to send them to us at Rue Morgue for review. We’re always looking for more non-fiction books to cover. Thanks!

  2. Seriously!

    Every other day I say to John, “Hey, maybe Dustin could do…” We’re seriously drowning over here. We’ve decided to do a big push to expnd our catalog. A lot of it is releasing already published books in a new format, mostly hardcover.

  3. I’m not sure if we will or not but chances are something horror-related will come out of this. We’ll definitely send it for review if it does.

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