Things are going pretty well with the company but since the upcoming changes in our lives are bound to take away time from RDSP we’ve been considering trying to get more help. I tend to be one of those people who can’t leave things up to someone else, especially when it comes to RDSP because everything’s got to be done ‘just so.’ It’s terrible, I mean there’s a reason the phrase is ‘control FREAK’.

So we’ve come up with a few possibilities. One is getting college students as interns to do stuff like making packages but I’m afraid our ‘office’ isn’t official enough seeming and once there’s a baby in the house that will really make us look unprofessional.

Another possibility is getting a volunteer editor. Someone who could take a project from start to finish, edit a manuscript, deal with the author and cover artist, possibly do some book layout and manage the publicity for the release of the book, getting reviews & blurbs, setting up events etc.

I think either possibility could be great experience for someone who is interested but it would be a lot of work to expect from someone for no pay plus it requires a lot of different skills.

The other alternative is that we’ll just have to slow things down for awhile. I’m sure we won’t be able to keep up this pace but it’s frustrating to have to cut back now that things really seem to be taking off.