RDSP at StokerCon

This year Raw Dog Screaming Press is a sponsor of StokerCon, authors Michael A. Arnzen, Matt Betts, James Chambers, J.L. Gribble, EV Knight, Daniel Kraus, Jessica McHugh, Lee Murray and Cynthia Pelayo and Brenda S. Tolian will all be on hand while Eugen Bacon and Jezzy Wolfe will participate virtually. Jennifer Barnes will be taking pitches and co-founder John Edward Lawson is a guest of honor. There are too many events on the schedule with our authors to compile everything so instead we’ve just put together John’s schedule as Guest of Honor.

Meet Guest of Honor John Edward Lawson

• Horror University: Afro-Surrealism in Horror (May 12, 4 PM, Hopscotch 3rd Floor) Despite Black-centered horror going mainstream we have yet to see Afro-Surrealism incorporated widely to amplify aspects of psychological horror, weird fiction, traditional supernatural narratives, or splatterpunk. This workshop will define what constitutes Afro-Surrealism, which horror works have successfully employed it, and how to incorporate Afro-Surrealism in your writing while maintaining your own voice. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced authors can use this workshop to refine existing drafts or craft new material for future projects. SEPARATE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Visit the Horror University page for details.

• Opening Ceremony 
(May 12, 8 PM, Four Square 3rd Floor): With Sheree Renée Thomas, Jennifer McMahon, Brian Keene, Gemma Files, and Meghan Arcuri. Join us as we meet our Guests of Honor.

• Midnight Madness: Monster Mash! 
(May 12, 11 PM, Dodgeball 2nd Floor) A fun, late-night programming piece, not at all a serious discussion–though it might just get intense! Nine participants and one host. Two teams of three. Three judges. An intrepid group who will strive to answer the age old question: “Which monster would win in a fight?” With moderator James Chambers, Brian Keene, Jennifer McMahon, Jeff Strand, John Skipp, Marc Abbott, and Nancy Holder.

• Chilling Voices: A look at works and authors who have brought new, different, and personal visions to horror fiction 
(May 13, 10 AM, Patty Cake 2nd Floor) Horror works best when it hits close to home. With moderator Erika T. Wurth, Gabino Iglesias, Steve Rasnic Tem, Wendy N. Wagner, Zin E. Rocklyn.

• Horror Noire: The Influence of Black Americans in Horror 
(May 13, 11 AM, Patty Cake 2nd Floor) Our panelists discuss the works of Tananarive Due, Jordan Peele, Ernest Dickerson, and other Black visionaries who expanded to scope of horror and confronted social and political injustices through their work. With moderator moderator Linda D. Addison, Sheree Renee Thomas, Ace Antonio-Hall, Dr. Chesya Burke.

• Horror in the 21st Century: What are the books published since 2001 that define the genre? What are today’s Frankenstein, Dracula, I Am Legend, and The Stand? 
(May 13, 2 PM, Patty Cake 2nd Floor) We hear about this being a new Golden Age of Horror. Our panelists discuss the rise in horror’s popularity and what current works could be considered our modern classics. With moderator Andy Davidson, Sheree Renée Thomas, Jennifer McMahon, Brian Keene, and Gemma Files.

• Librarians Day: Different Paths to Horror Success 
(May 13, 3:30 PM, Four Square Ballroom) With moderator Linda D. Addison, Thomas B. Olde Heuvelt, Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Keene, Lisa B. Kröger, and Becky Spratford.

• Mass Author Signing and Ice Cream Social 
(May 13, 5 PM, Marco Polo Ballroom, 3rd Floor) What’s more fun than books and ice cream? This event includes the “13 Books on the 13th” raffle.

• The Devil’s in the Details: The Basics of Contracts 
(May 14, 10 AM, Duck Duck Goose Third Floor) Contracts are complex and often confusing to writers. Meghan Acruri moderates a discussion of contract basics, what to expect, and what to avoid. With moderator Meghan Acuri, Alec Shane, Jo Fletcher, and Stephen Jones.

• Author Readings: John Edward Lawson and Jennifer McMahon 
(May 14 11 AM, Red Rover 3rd Floor)

• Banned Books: The Rising Threat of Censorship 
(May 14 (12 PM): Panelists discuss books in horror and other genres that have been censored or banned, the objections made about them, and how authors, publishers, and readers can fight censorship today. With moderator Alex Hofelich, Larissa Glasser, Nathan Carson, and Sarah Langan.

• The Rules of Horror: The Guest of Honor Panel 
(May 14, 2 PM, Patty Cake 2nd Floor) What are the most popular or innovative themes, conventions, and ideas in contemporary horror? How do the contrast to past horror? With moderator L. Marie Wood, Sheree Renée Thomas, Jennifer McMahon, Brian Keene, Gemma Files.

• Pushing the Envelope: Where Do You Stop with a Dark Poem?  
(May 14, 4 PM, Patty Cake 2nd Floor) When does it go too far? Can it go too far? Where is the line between excellent and extreme? With moderator Marge Simon, Angela Yuriko Smith, Michael A. Arnzen, and Sara Tantlinger.

• Bram Stoker Awards Presentation 
(May 14, 8 PM, Four Square Ballroom, 3rd Floor) Join our emcee as we find out who are the Bram Stoker Award® winners. This year, two-time Bram Stoker Award nominee Kevin Wetmore will emcee the ceremony and Bram Stoker Award winning author and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Linda Addison will deliver the keynote address. This event is open to all registered attendees.

Raw Dog Screaming Press is sponsoring the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference at StokerCon