Last Burn in Hell video

This is the most complex vid so far. I’m not as happy with it as the on for Via Dolorosa ( Somehow the animation didn’t come out as smooth and the piece as a whole just didn’t come together the way I’d hoped. I think it’s easier to do dramatic vids than energetic ones with Flash. John did the music for this one though so that was cool.

I’m in search of more ways to get the vids out there. John suggested making a MySpace movie page. I guess I should do it but…MySpace and I just don’t get along. One thing I wonder about this approach is whether people will see it as entertaining or is it too much like a commercial and therefore annoying? Maybe I should try instead to make a mini-movie out of a scene from the book. The problem with that is I would have to do it more like a movie with actors I guess, which really isn’t possible.