Things are moving along with our 2008 releases. We’ve got almost everything together for Tom Bradley’s Lemur which will be out in May/June of this year.

Damnation and Salvation in the American Food Services Industry!

Spencer Sproul is a would-be serial-killing bus boy who can’t manage to murder, injure, or even scare anybody. He longs to follow in the footsteps of his heros; Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. Who wouldn’t feel murderous working in a family style restaurant with an asshole boss, aggravating co-workers and Lemmy the Lemur as a mascot? But as hard as he tries he simply doesn’t have a killer’s instinct.

However there are ways to do damage to far more people and do it legally. Spencer learns that a family restaurant can be an instrument of torture and quickly becomes a rising star in the food service industry. But before Spencer can take his seat of honor at the Merchant of the Month Award Banquet, he must bumble his way past a pederastic restaurant critic, a trash-talking sex worker, a cellulite-worshiping convenience store clerk, and a police force filled with homophobes, overeducated commies and greedy homicide detectives.

It’s an all-American success story!

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